What forces act on slider?

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17 hours ago, CoolBeans said:

I would imagine canopy manufacturers know very well what kind of forces act on slider during the deployment.

I think you overestimate the engineering in a parachute. Parachutes arnt exactly modern marvels of scientific genus. There are a few fun jumpers in the USA who actually make and jump their own canopies which they have made in the basement of their houses. Yes, manufacturers have tested their canopies many times; however, the exact values presented to any portion of a canopy are infinitely variable and change continuously across the entire inflation process. You could do 20,000 jumps on a canopy and every opening would be different from a physics standpoint. Parachute design is more of a 'that's close enough' process rather than an exact science. The fact that hard openings continue to cause deaths every year across a wide range of canopies with completely unexplained circumstances attests to the fact that we havent exactly dialed in the science in proper design yet.

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