AFF level 3 goes wrong! Rate this instructor!

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35 minutes ago, Nabz said:

Didn't even think of that and honestly didn't even know there was such a thing as AFF bandit jumps. CRAZY!!

If the student was aware of that and was trying to cut corners by going to this "No Shits Given DZ " than he is to blame as well.


Don't blame the student yet. Often as not what goes on in a DZ's student program isn't the subject of full disclosure. The DZ just figures the student won't ask for an instructors license and no one will ever know. Several years ago I was leasing a Caravan to a nearby DZ. Because it was my airplane someone sent me a picture of the DZO, who was a USPA AFF Evaluator doing a Level 3 AFF out of my airplane with a non-rated reserve side Instructor. I don't go for that shit so 2 hours later my airplane was back home. But for most DZO's the attitude is: not my DZ, not my problem.

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On 8/13/2020 at 7:08 PM, ghostdog said:

Got this video from a friend and it was his AFF level 3.


What do you think about his instructor?! I told him to never jump with this instructor again

I'll ask, what is the motivation for posting this? If you throw people under the bus, at least give up ALL the details. ;) 

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