Wind Tunnel Free-fly progression and cost

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Normally it is something like:

1. Belly flying

2. Back flying

3. Beginner head up

4. Intermediate head up (at this point you can share time with other people, so prices start to vary wildly)

5. Beginner head down

6. Intermediate head down

After that it depends heavily on your targets

7.1. Advanced head up/down (sequentials with pancakes, infinity grips, ropes and similar. The lexicon can vary per area I guess). This implies sharing time

7.2. Dynamic. This implies being alone.

7.2.1. Advanced dynamic (think 2 or 4 way dynamic)


Money depends on time (the the price of the local tunnel of course), and time depends on talent and the quality of the coaching. I don't feel qualified to tell how many hours per item you would need. But it is common to have spent 20-30 hours by the time you start point 7. More if you get "distracted" (let's say you have a 4 way belly team and you spend many hours flying belly on the tunnel).

Take a look at https://www.tunnelflight.com/skills even though sequential stuff is not really covered in detail.

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