Student Recurrency Requirements

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We are working on revising our student recurrency requirements.  The USPA SIM is rather vague on what exactly should be done and when.  

What we had in place was based, IIRC, on something an old Instructor Rating Manual, which outlined the following:

Students who have not jumped in:

30 days - recurrency training.

60 days - recurrency training and repeat last skydive.

>6 months, retake all portions of the FJC and do a Cat B skydive as an evaluation jump.

We are having difficulty in finding the above in any industry standard documentation.  Does anyone know where the above protocol comes from?

Our main concern in revising this policy is to come up with something that is on solid legal grounds, i.e. something based on a documented industry standard that would be persuasive in a civil suit.  

I am not, frankly, interested in whatever someone thinks is the "best" way to do recurrency training, I am looking for something that works that is "law suit proof", or failing that, something that has the best chance of defense in a law suit in US civil court.  

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Hmm, interesting task, although sounds almost like a circular issue. Since there are no worldwide skydiving laws or ones handed down on scrolls since the ancient Greeks, what is defensible may be whatever the USPA puts in its current manual.

Canada's CSPA rules are a little looser, with 60 days for a checkout jump for a student, and I don't think any formal limit on retaking the FJC -- although I've seen a DZ use 1 year as a standard. But while that may be of interest to skydivers discussing how things are done across the world, it isn't gonna matter a bit to a jury in the US of A.

Vague rule or ones with worlds like "should" or "recommendation" can sometimes be useful. Harder to pin someone down on them...

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