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Student fresh off AFF - I'm terrified of skydiving. Should I quit?

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1 hour ago, planetoi said:

I felt like I'd had an epiphany after my first tandem, as corny as that sounds

Doesn't sound corny at all. I suspect most of us felt that way after jump #1.

So yeah. Totally normal to be nervous/scared/unsure as a new skydiver. I've gone through periods as an experienced jumper where I'm not sure the rewards outweigh the risks - I used to get really angry at myself for that. Now I accept that the desire will come back, and THAT is when I'll go jump.

Don't be disappointed in yourself for letting your humanness show a little!

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Speaking as someone with a lot of tunnel hours before my first jump, I had quite a few worries re other aspects than freefall. Was (rightly) convinced that I had a lot of learning to do that I wouldn't have learned in the tunnel. Have you really analysed your anxiety? Or gone through it with someone to help you look outside the tramlines you're stuck on? It's possible to get stuck in a vicious circle if you can't find a way to control anxiety. One technique is, every time the anxiety creeps up on you in everyday life, to make yourself think of a jump you enjoyed. It's training your brain to do something other than be anxious, training yourself out of the habit of anxiety.

If you're telling yourself you've lost a safety net of an instructor, does anything stop you from arranging a few more coached jumps? And specifically with someone you can make aware of your anxiety problems?

If you decide a break from jumping is what you need, why avoid the DZ? If you go there from time to time it's a familiar place so that's one less barrier to returning. And it gives you the opportunity to get to know people and learn from them, especially if you're prepared to lend a hand when one's needed.

(Don't jump now for unrelated reasons, but hope these thoughts provide something useful)

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