Line dump/out of sequence?

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Just curious... On my last jump after pitching I felt what I can only describe as trap door like feeling after I pitched. Pc caught, I began to rotate feet to earth, and then felt a brief moment of excelleration like my canopy became detached before I began slowing down under inflation.

Was this probably a band breaking or the lines paying out in the wrong order? Or am I just crazy and it was in my head? Just curious what could have caused that. I thought I was about to look up and see my main flying away haha.

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Temporary baglock
very old main that took longer to get rid of its bagged shape and tumbled a bit before inflation
Canopy stuck in the POD
Pilotchute burbled
Old pilotchute
very tight packjob
POD temporarely stuck in M/C
And probably a dozen other causes could cause the effect you described.

To absent friends

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