Divorce Starter Kit

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Next week the paper work will end an almost 18 year run.  This is what I got so far for my divorcee starter kit.  

1. New Ruger Security 9 on tomorrow.  (I'm not debating guns just stating a fact, so this should be good for The Bonfire :p)

2. New tattoo next week.

3. I'm slated to get current in September and finally grab my B Licence. 

4. Motorcycle this spring.


Okay gang, what else am I missing?  What other ridiculous things should I be planning for the next year?  Maybe a trip to Lodi?  ;P

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8 hours ago, BIGUN said:

Hookers & Blow.

Ok. OK. Maybe some Blue Skies Brew.

Ya...unfortunately Blue Skies didn't happen.  My investors were all in the oil and gas industry.  The day we went to sign on the building all my investors went broke.  I guess it was better than the day after. ^.^

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