Old mains vs new mains

Cutaway rate poll  

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  1. 1. What do you guesstimate the jumps per cutaway rate is for sport mains?

    • 1 cutaway per 400 jumps
    • 1 cutaway per 401 to 600 jumps
    • 601 to 800
    • 801 to 1000

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Wanted to find other people's takes on how they feel about "the mains of old" i.e. Sabre 1 and 2, Xfire 1 and 2, Stiletto and other popular mains released in the late 90's and early 00's versus new mains that have been released in the last 0 to 5years. Things like...in general do the newer class of mains have harder or softer openings/longer or shorter openings, steeper or more shallow trim, longer or shorter recovery. Let's exclude crossbraced for the moment and student canopies. Just trying to see which way the manufacturers are moving compared to older style mains.

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If you're trying to figure out if buying a new canopy vs an old one will make you less likely to have a cutaway, the answer is probably not. The one exception here would be the condition of the lineset. Heavily worn lines are more likely to have tension knots than new, slippery ones and they are more likely to fail on a hard opening. 

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