why did skysurfing die?

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Please remove the name and location of the object from this post.

He did not jump the inside of this one.
I know because I was with him while jumping this one, and the other one.
Also, this one is not Abandoned, nor was it at the time of the jump, and there are active security patrols around the property.


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Goodness, the things you learn about your fellow jumpers on dropzone.com!

I too, have skysurfed. 12 jumps, with 2 different boards (and their release systems) designed by me. I might have the distinction of having been the first/only person to have skysurfed from an AN-2. Anyone else done that?

I gave it up because it was such a hassle. No one likes a big guy with a large board strapped to him hopping around in a plane and stepping on people's feet while they get out.

I did all these jumps with a double wing sit-suit and Spandex pants for low drag on my legs. I'm not sure I could have done it otherwise. I'm not that balanced or athletic or flexible.

Just imagine me in something that looks like yoga pants. ... or perhaps not.

There was a guy in Slovenia, that did skysurf jumps from An-2 in the early 90s and I'm sure he wasn't the only one.

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