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Looking for 170 Main

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I suggest going to the Facebook groups dealing with used gear, and look there. You will find your basic selection of "first canopies", ie Safire/Sabre/Pilot/Volt if that is what you are looking for. If you are feeling a wee bit more adventurous, you can get a Crossfire / X-Fire / Stilleto in that size as well. As for the rest of your equipment, you will want a serviceable AAD (all of your Cypress/Vigils/M2s basically work, Argus doesn't so stay clear), a reserve in the 170 size range that was made some time in this millennium (you can go older but I wouldn't recommend it), and as for the actual harness/container system, that one is up to you, it needs to fit properly, and it would be nice if your 170 canopy is at the top of the acceptable size range for that rig, so that it can facilitate rapid downsizing without changing the rig. At your jump numbers, I would say RSL mandatory, some type of MARD highly recommended but you can go without it. Get a freefly friendly rig if at all possible, you will end up on your head or ass sooner or later, weather on purpose or by accident.

Some final notes about the harness/container system, don't get a racer or any of the obscure last century stuff, you can't really go wrong with the modern ones made by reputable companies, I happen to know that Vectors in that size range can usually fit one size larger main and reserve than listed, I don't really know about the rest. 

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