What do you charge for Sigma gear maint

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Just curious what others are charging your DZO for maintenance on their Sigmas. I'm trying to catch up with the times!


Kill line replacement

Secondary replacement

Install new main, inspect and pack

Feel free to include parts cost if you make your own kill lines


All I know is that UPT charges 37 bucks for kill line and $37 for secondaries...an old price list from 2018 shows they charg:

$ 55 incl parts to do kill line and same thing for secondary ripcords..$55

They have main canopy assembly/inspect @ $55 or $65 for assemble/inspectt/pack


Have no reason to believe they haven't raised the prices because they no longer list them on the website. Does anybody know what they are charging als?

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Here are current price lists for Sigma parts and rigging work at UPT.



When I was working as a DZ rigger, I received a regular weekly fee to pack and maintain all the school gear (tandem and student), rental rigs, and the owner's personal gear. Incidental maintenance like kill lines, overstitching, and small patches were included in that fee. Relines were not. I made my own drogue centerlines and made a generous profit on them, even charging far less than the UPT price.

It's been several years since I've worked on tandem gear (I just don't have space for it these days), but for repacks I would probably add at least $20, maybe more, to the price I charge for sport gear.

Needless to say, if you want to charge what UPT charges, your work needs to be factory perfect...

Good luck!

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