Stolen - Velocity Infinity, Safire 3 - San Francisco

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* Velocity Infinity container - all black, no markings, no trim - solid black everywhere; orange cutaway, yellow reserve handles.

* Safire 3 169 - black and red, no brand labels

* PD Reserve 160


This is one of my speed skydiving rigs -- eveyrything is super easy to recognize because nothing has visible manufacturer labels (e.g. the  Safire 3 on the sides of the canopy).  I will collect the serial numbers and post in a follow up by Monday -- second rig is out in OR for maintenance, so I need to wait until Velocity opens to check which S/N that gear has (both of my rigs are identical).

The rig was stolen in San Francisco from locked building storage, some time between 20.Jun.2020 and 27.Jun.2020. A police report will be filed in the next 2-3 hours of posting this. Thank you all!




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