Paperwork for travelling jumpers worldwide - please contribute

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If your country / licence is not on the list, you can obtain a temporary licence for jumping in Austria. If you go to a dropzone, that does train new skydivers, the so called "Ausbildungsleiter" / training manager at this dropzone can grant you such a temporary licence.

So what is typically involved in this grant of temp license? Does it matter what level of license, rating, experience the foreign jumper can demonstrate?


If you don't believe me, ask me.

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The only thing I ran into that I didn't like was the "rigger" inspecting my gear at check-in in Lachen-Speyerdorf with a lit cigarette hanging from his mouth with 3cm of ash and ember.

Haha! I can totally see this happening in some European countries. If the relative wind wouldn't pose a problem, I'm sure some people would jump with a cigarette in their mouth. ;)

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