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The Outlaws by Mike Marcon

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Hey Old Timers and all those whose daydreams involve returning to the past days of lawless drop zones, you may want to catch up with my latest writing project.

Simply put, I began fantasizing what it might be like if a few inactive jumpers and pilots afflicted by old age and restrictions put on them by the Feds decided to open a no holds barred, private, by invitation only, skydiving club out in the boonies and did what we did in days past without regard for the laws they might break. I'm posting the finished installments as they are written on my website and they can be read at no cost. There has been a twist or two since beginning the project.

After reading the stories, several people contacted me and said that it was a shame that such a club didn't exist and if there was such a club, they would immediately join. So, I said why not? If you visit my website and look around, you will discover the club, who the current members are and what we are up to.

Ultimately, probably within three months, I will publish the story as a book. When finished, the book will only be available to buy as signed copy complete with an Outlaw bookmark and membership card. ALL of the proceeds will be donated to The International Skydiving Hall of Fame and Museum. I have written eight installments with an ninth soon to be posted. You can subscribe to my e-mail list and get immediate notifications as new installments are posted and Outlaw events unfold.

Check out "The Outlaws" at https://www.mikemarcon.rocks and follow me on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/mike.marcon.92


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