Not the intended use, but it worked

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On 6/10/2020 at 6:37 PM, RobertMBlevins said:


I don't know where or by who this picture was taken, but it's been around the internet a bit. Kind of funny. 

They forgot the oars, though.... 


Robert, I know you're not a skydiver, but if you thought this was funny you should look for a video called 'Good Stuff' by Joe Jennings.

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20 hours ago, IanHarrop said:

yep. the old worn out cd's turn up every now and then. thought of a source for a new one or the possibility for a payed download...
Even if Good Stuff is 20+ years old, most of the material is to iconic to be lost... used it as a tool on teaching stuff not to be tried at home ;P

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