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Susan Stark

2020 USPA National Skydiving & Parachuting Championships

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2020 USPA National Skydiving & Parachuting Championships  at Skydive City ZHills, Zephyrhills Florida

AL Registration Oct 30, Competition Oct 31-Nov 3; CF Registration Oct 31, Competition Nov 1-Nov 5; CP Registration Nov. 3, Competition Nov 4 - Nov 7; CP Freestyle Registration Nov 6, Competition Nov 7-8; Wingsuit Acro Registration Nov 7, Competition Nov 8-10; Wingsuit Performance Registration Nov 8, Competition Nov 9-11; Artistic Events Registration Nov 10, Competition Nov 11-14; MFS Registration Nov 10, Competition Nov 11-14; VFS Registration Nov 11, Competition Nov 12-14; Speed Skydiving Registration Nov 12, Competition Nov. 12-15; FS 4-way Registration Nov 14, Competition Nov 15-Nov 19; FS 8-way Registration Nov 15, Competition Nov. 16-19; FS 16-way Registration Nov 17, Competition Nov 18-20; FS 10-way Registration Nov 18, Competition Nov 19-21. Followed by Turkey Meet. FLCPA Competition Sat & Sun Oct 31 and Nov 1. More details at www.skydivecity.com 

Nationals Schedule with Logo.jpg

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