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There is no standard for this, at least not that I can find in the SIM or IRM.  You can get together with a group of other instructors, share ideas, watch and critique each other's videos, look at other videos online.  Quiz each other from the AFF ISP oral quizzes, the exams in the back of the IRM, the license tests, and other sources.  You could even do this in a Zoom/Webex.  If you have a new aircraft, figuring out exit techniques, loading, seating, etc. counts as this kind of activity.

The important part is that you log it and get a signature from another instructor or higher.

IMHO, what you should NOT do is pay anybody or any organization for this.  Way too much of that going on.

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Great article on this in the Parachutist: 


From the article:


The following are good examples of what would qualify:

  • An additional day or portion of Safety Day that includes topics specifically for instructors
  • Examiner standardization meetings, which are open to any USPA member
  • An educational summit where a skydiving school’s examiners have specific discussions on how to make their courses and courseware better.


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