volunteers needed to gather data for a new covid-19 diagnosis technique

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I don't think many people in the skydiving community know that much about my professional background, but I've worked in the data science and AI communities for many years.


An Israeli data science/AI friend of mine, Shmuel Ur, has developed a new technique for diagnosing covid-19. The idea is to detect changes in the pattern of someone's voice which may betray having the virus before more visible symptoms show up. He needs people to sign up for his site and record their voice, though, to get him the data he needs to perfect his technique. He needs both healthy people and people with the virus to do this. It only takes a few minutes of someone's time to do this.


You can check out Shmuel's site and sign up here:


HELP US BEAT COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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I'd need to know more before I'd do it.

Individual voice prints are a form of biometric data, and I'd need to be assured that the data was depersonalized, secure, and understand his methodology. It's not something I'd choose to give to an individual.

I'd think to do this you'd need samples of the same people before AND after they've contracted it to draw conclusions. Seems sketchy to me.  Or at best, risky.

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1 hour ago, JerryBaumchen said:

Hi Will,

And I got this from a family member:  

‘This seems like trying to catalog people’s voices to use them later for identity theft.’

Jerry Baumchen

I’ve been surprised by how easily people are sending their genetic code into the family-tracing services.

 Your biometric data is literally the only thing that’s genuinely yours. I wouldn’t share that easily.

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I have a relative who worked on a similar cough project a few years ago; collecting coughs to see what could be diagnosed over the phone. So this is not an unprecedented approach, and might just be helpful. She really did collect recordings of coughs, interview people about what conditions they had that might lead to them, take some demographic and physical data, anonymize it (this had a release and everything), and then hand it over to the computer. It didn't turn into anything in the long run, but eventually they will figure out what can be learned from coughing into the telephone, and add this data to it I'm sure

Yeah, these are interesting times we live in. 

Wendy P.

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