Henry Butler D-20747

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It's with a very heavy heart that I write to say our dear friend and fellow skydiver Henry Butler has passed away. Henry was a longtime Houston jumper who spent many years as an FS competitor and judge.

Henry was a Vietnam era U.S. Navy veteran who began jumping in 1996, calling Skydive Houston his home DZ for many years. Most recently he was an active jumper at Skydive Spaceland Houston, where he was always a welcome player in any slot. Solid and dependable described him well in the air and on the ground. He was also a damn good judge, participating in countless competitions and records throughout the years.

Above all, Henry was a kind, polite gentleman with a heart of gold. Never an unkind word, and always a positive spirit. A friend to all who knew him. We have truly lost one of the good guys.

Henry R. Butler, D-20747, passed away peacefully in his sleep early Tuesday morning at the age of 67.

Details on a friends and skydivers remembrance are forthcoming. Please send condolences to his better half Debby Dodge at 6711 Lindayann Lane, Houston 77008

Blue skies, Henry. See you at the debrief.



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Pretty sure jumped with Henry on the Texas State Record POPS dive at Spaceland.  What year?  Hmnn.  A long time  ago.  I still have the 8x10 photo.  The color photo appeared in some newspaper somewhere.  I have that too.   


I remember him.  Good guy.

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