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Weatherhold Woogie 2020

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Solo looking to build?
Join us for Weatherhold Woogie 2020

Just because we can’t jump out of planes together doesn’t mean the proverbial dropzone mischief stops. We'd like to cordially invite you to the first ever Woogie!

What is it?


noun: woogie; plural noun: woogies; noun: woogie-woogie

  1. an online series of wet weather activities, seminars, shenanigans, blog posts, challenges and drinking games.

verb: woogie; 3rd person present: woogies; past tense: woogied; past participle: woogied; gerund or present participle: woogieing

  1. avoided massive FOMO by Staying Home and Regoing for FREE to the Icarus Woogie. "Matty woogied the fuck out of that worldwide weatherhold"

REGO: 0 dollars! IT'S FREE!
DATE: Starting from Friday 27 March 2020 (NZ Time)
VENUE: La Rotonda de Sofa


Facebook event

Too much Quaran-time on your hands? Just be there...! And... Don't be outside.

Mucho love and crazy from New Zealand lockdown,
NZ Aerosports Quaran-team


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