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URGENT - PLEASE READ: Help sewing masks and protective gowns

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As you all know, missing equipment like masks and protective gowns for health workers are a huge issue during the current corona virus (COVID19) crisis. Most of us skydivers have patched their jumpsuits and stuff in the past and know how to operate a sewing machine, or just needle and threat. We need as many masks and gowns as possible - and as soon as possible.

The Johns Hopkins University (who I work for) is working on a design for both and on plans what material to use. It should be ready in a few days.

  • Are there volunteers 
    • to help with the prototype testing right now
    • to start mass producing (whatever you can so) masks after receiving instructions
  • Are there gear/jumpsuit manufacturers who are interested in doing this commercially for a while?
  • Can somebody of you provide a list of all / most / many manufacturers of gear, jumpsuits, repair shops etc. so that I can contact them directly? 

Obviously, this is a pretty urgent request. If you can help in any way, please send me an email to 

[email protected]

You might receive a reply either from that address or from my Johns Hopkins address.

Please forward this request in any way you think it might be helpful.

Thank you all, I really hope the skydive community can step up here and help with a task that is extremely important for all of us. I hope you are all hanging in there and deal well with the social distancing and all other things we have to get used to for a while.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and all the best!


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We’ve made a couple hundred masks here in Denver for medical personnel, essential workers, and everyone else who wanted them. Our favorite pattern so far is


we also bought Honeywell ac filters, chopped the metal off and put them in the masks. Works great. They’re made of the same crap the N95 masks are made of, or so I read. Chop the filter 1/2 inch smaller all around than the mask pattern For fitting. For straps we couldn’t get elastic at the time, so we used 550 cord, and ordered ‘plastic paracord lockers’ off the internet. 

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