Time to get Learning as COVID-19 affects Jumping

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So with a huge number of DZ's now shut and likely all shut within weeks if not days what to do? Browse social media, get depressed.... No? How about you decide what 2 sets of skills you really need to learn about:

1. Core survival skills; e.g. what to do in a 2 out, landing out, wingsuit malfunction, tail hang up, first aid for jumpers, the list is endless

2. Flight skills, whether canopy or human flight, e.g. how basic canopy aerodynamics work, the affect of pressure, temp, humidity, elevation on your canopy. The mental drills and physical drills for safe approach or breakoff in your discipline?

There is a huge amount of info our there and from trusted sources whether proven credible individuals or companies, organisation, set out what you want to learn and set out a programme, the resources are in written word, audio and high quality video, images. Lets use this time to learn and keep our minds current and hopefully in 2-3 months (fingers crossed) we are back in the air and have a safe sharp mindset.

All the best and stay safe but have fun.

Feel free to respond with links to great resources e.g.:

Canopy Handling/skills/general resources: 



Awesome interview series:








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On 3/23/2020 at 3:33 PM, pchapman said:

... Or if you're not quite as disciplined, at least go watch some Friday Freakouts?

The BPA (now BS) has some good manuals on some disciplines.

Others can perhaps add some other good online sources.


Agreed, but we all do that anyway, so this kind of a big opportunity with the time we have to really focus on something and get to really understand it. Though Friday Freakouts are in themselves a pretty cool training aid, though the comments often contain a lot of BS.

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