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Pop top front mounted reserves

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49 minutes ago, riggerrob said:

Old airplanes wear out or corrode out. I was badly injured when a 40 year old King Air suffered a fuel pump failure. A skipped inspection almost killed us all!

After 3 -ish years, the factory's liability fades and then the reliability of any machine becomes increasingly dependent upon the thoroughness of the last mechanic.


For example, if the owner does 1,000 jumps per year - in the Southern California desert - a parachute might be scrap after 3 years.

OTOH Closet Queens might be in mint condition after 30 or 40 years. However, Closet Queens may need Special Inspections or Service Bulletins that were published long before the interweb became popular. That is why young riggers should not feel forced to repack any parachute older than themselves.

As for the grey-bearded, grumpy old Master Riggers ... I refuse to repack plenty of gear that was fashionable when I started jumping: round reserves suspected of acid-mesh, first generation 5-cell square reserves, Sentinel AADs, pre-3-Ring canopy releases, etc. 

I should clarify my statement, There are a number of rigs that I won't pack even if they are airworthy.  I just don't use age as a determining factor on the ones that I will.

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On 6/15/2020 at 3:14 PM, JerryBaumchen said:

Hi Rob,

Well, they could find a grumpy, old, grey bearded Master Rigger to make them one.

Jerry Baumchen

PS)  And, this is why I advise owners to always have a set of spare parts for their rig.

Does anyone know a rigger who will do a repair on a Javelin Freebag? The short side edge of the line-stow pocket pulled loose,, after highspeed usage.  I'd snag a used one if available,, but a repair seems reasonable on this 92 DOM system that has been babied and lightly used...

Thanks  SF75




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16 hours ago, riggerrob said:

Dear Stratoflyer,

I would just patch it with a piece of slider tape. You can sew on a patch without picking any stitching out of the binding tape.

If you want to do this,, i'd sure be up for sending it.. I will involve the local rigger since he will be packing it..  Please contact me via e-mail with credentials so i can initiate a plan.. 




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