Cookie G4 - camera cutaway system

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I have bought a Cookie G4 and I'm looking for advice on a cutaway system for a Go Pro Hero 7 black.

I used to jump a Cookie open face which had a cutaway on the chin strap and the Go Pro was fitted using the Cookie roller mount.

I have since bought a cutaway system from Freefall Gear Store which uses the Cookie roller mount, but I've not fitted it to the helmet yet...






There was a YouTube video on the website showing how to fit the system and how it operates.

But they no longer sell this system and have replaced it with the following...




Cosmetically I prefer the system I've already bought which uses the Cookie roller mount.

But functionality and safety is critical so I am wondering if I should exchange it for the newer version, assuming it's a better system ?

I've also seen the VMAG system but was not so keen...


Or is there another cutaway I should look at ?


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Hey, I just came across this thread. If you are interested in selling your cutaway system, I would be willing to buy it off of you. If not, could you please provide the anchor, pin, and washer sizes as well as the cable length? I would like to try and recreate this system. Thanks!

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I agree that G4 shouldn't be drilled as If you drill, it looses the impact rating (one of the things that sticks this helmet in the market).

I disagree with sticker mounts if you don't have some kind of cut-away system. Original GoPro adhesive stickers are really hard to peal off and I think suspension lines are more likely to snap your neck before the adhesive part peels off.
This is one of the solutions that doesn't require drilling. It's for G3 but I guess It can be adjusted for G4.

I personally use VMag. No drilling required, you simply screw it to the venting section on the chin. The magnet is really strong, so it will definitely withstand high speed flying, but will also release if something gets snagged, like bridle or suspension lines. And even if it doesn't (force really weak, i.e. uninflated pc), you can simply take it of with one hand.

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