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10 minutes ago, DougH said:

My hypothesis is that a combination of being fully vaccinated and boosted, plus having an mild or asymptomatic infection would result in the best possible immune reaction against the virus. The vaccinations hedge against having a severe infection, and the actual infection gives your immune system a full spectrum view of the virus that you don't get with the targeted spike protein...

...So now I am super immune, and have returned to licking produce in the supermarket, and random door knobs. ;)

That hypothesis is what a lot of experts are saying.

The vax was designed to stop 'original' Covid, and was VERY effective at that.

It's not as effective against the later variants, especially in preventing any sickness.
Still quite effective against severe illness & death.

I know quite a few vaxxed people who got sick later in the winter (likely Omicron). A few were put down pretty hard for a few days, but none had to go to the hospital. None died either. I'm also not aware of any vaxxed folks suffering 'long Covid'. 

I know a few that caught it before the vax was out that are still dealing with stuff.

Not fun.

Of course, our resident troll will be along to warn us that 'all the people who got the vax are going to DIE from it.'
In six months...
No, a year...
No, five years.

THAT'S IT - In five years everyone who got the vax will be DEAD!!!!.

Funny how this will be the first vaccine ever to have side effects appear that late.

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1 hour ago, wolfriverjoe said:

THAT'S IT - In five years everyone who got the vax will be DEAD!!!!.

Exactly.  And the Wall will be complete, it will stop all illegal immigration, and Mexico will pay for it.  And the big, beautiful Trumpcare program will provide perfect affordable health care for the rich.  And Hillary Clinton will be arrested for all the children she sacrificed in her pedophilia ring located under a pizza place in Washington, DC.

That is the world these people live in.

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US national 7 day average new cases topped 100k.

Last time it was over 100k was Feb 19th. Bottomed out April 4th at a bit over 28k.

Deaths are staying quite low. 
7 day average is bouncing around 300 or so. It jumped up to around 600 for a few days back at the beginning of May, but has been steady or slowly declining since mid April.

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