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What you would like to have in a acoustic altimeter?

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As the title, what (realistic) features what you would like to have in a acoustic altimeter beside this "basic" features listed here:

- USB port for recharging and PC connection;

- Custom sounds at configured levels;

- Optional altitude voice reading at configured levels that can be mixed with the sound alerts;

- BUS port for external accessories (in example: multicolored led strip/HUD for a visual feedback);

- Bluetooth connection to configure the altimeter wireless via smartphone;

- Downloadable flight logs;

Any idea on other "must have" or "nice to have" features?


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I think you'll mostly find two types of persons: one wanting all of the flashy features and infinite customization, and one wanting a device that's predictable, simple and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. I happen to belong in the second category.

If it's usb rechargable I instanly think of "another thing to keep track of", "how fast's battery life gonna degrade, after how many recharge cycles", etc.

Bluetooth? - "Way too complex system now for it to be bug-free".

With such a mindset, I use protrack, so I can tell you the nitpick stuff I have with it. I bought it to use it as a logbook, but it sometimes (often) fails to register hop n pop jumps - really not sure how that's possible but they somehow manage to fail at that. And because it's not working all the time, I just gave up and don't even look at the data anymore.

Speed profile is nice to have, but because it's not trivial to correlate it with the video, I end up not using it ever at all, even though I made an effort to make my own graphing app to customize it to my needs (don't really like Paralog).

It should be trivial and fast to read the jump data, not sure why you have to perform access sequence to read the data. Even if you enter the plane and start climbing it could just force quit that screen (lock itself).

That's mostly it, bottom line is, all this stuff is nitpicky, but priority 0 is of course that it beeps for the breakoff, for the deployment altitude and on the hard deck if you're in high speed.

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