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Learning : 2.5 or 3m ?

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I plan to go with my wife to Moscow to improve our flying (she is belly flyer, I can do sit position) and book 10 coached hours for the two of us.

I see lot of offers, and I wonder if it is worth paying more (arround 40euro per hour premium)  to learn in a 3m tunnel instead of a 2.5m . 

Does anyone has a feedback in the size difference ? (is the learning more efficient ? do I have to wait for the coach to show and then do the exercise in the 2.5m ? can we fly at two inside a 2.5m ?) 



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Hi Arthur,

If I translate it correctly, 2.5m = 8ft tunnel, and 3m = 10ft tunnel?

I only tried 12ft and 14ft tunnels, but friend of mine was in Moscow last year in 8fter. She did 10 hours sitfly/head down, and said it was okay for static flying only.

Again, depends on what you want to achive in the tunnel. I started in 12ft until I moved to sitfly and dynamic (carving, layouts) flying, then 12ft became too small (I am quite tall - 183cm/6ft). I actually tried to do layout once in 12ft... landed face down and broke the visor opening mechanism on my helmet :))))) 

Enjoy and good luck!



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