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Looking for an old thread

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I remember this from the old forum but can’t find anything using our current search. Trying to find a way to reach a hundred jump wonder and there was this kid in Eastern Europe - kept swooping and downsizing against all advice and ended up quadriplegic but was ballsey enough to come back on here and admit his mistakes.  But searching I can’t find any of it.  Does anyone  remember that and can search better than i to find it? 

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His original name was Sangi.

After he biffed, and ended up paralyzed for life, he came back under the name "Clipped Wings" and owned his mistake.


The one Virgin Burner started asking for donations for books for Sangi to read while in the hospital:

There's a couple other threads, including the one in incidents, but I can't seem to find them.

The 'member page' has ALL the content from the person. In chronological order. For some folks, that's a few hundred pages. 

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