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Hello Everyone!

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I have just started my journey into Skydiving, but in the same time i have lived through most scary part of it, when not long ago (July 2018) I thought only supermen fly! :)

I now, still as BPA A-Licenced solo jumper with only 35 jumps and few hours spent in tunnel, can clearly state that I have began my truest life experience, so fascinating and an endless possibilities ! 

I have had very special AFF instructor, who's instructions and explanations were second to none! Thanks to him every next info on my "skydiving-way" was so much easier to take and understand...and understanding e.g gear, emergency situations etc in my opinion is a MUST.

I've finished my FS1 and start to learn basics to FreeFly...first steps to Back-Fly and Sit-Fly - very demanding, yet that is why it has got me in! :D 

I have met so many very positive and so inspiring people at Skydive Hibaldstow, who are also very helpful in progressing.

I am looking forward to progressing safely, even slowly as I do so far, but steadily!


Blue skies!!! 



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12 hours ago, David Wang said:

Hi Suszki!



I'm an AFF student and already had one tandem and one training tandem jump. Going to do my first solo jump soon! 


Blue skies!

Congratulations! Big times in front of you now...stay concentrated, plan your jump carefully and jump the plan!

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