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Ok I have acquired a military mirps (modified improved reserve parachute system). this is the center pull soft loop system (CPSL). I have all the manuals and such for it along with parts breakdowns. What I do not have is the "Soft Loop Assembly" in other words the soft closing loop for the container. 

Is there anyone here that may be able to give me the aproximate dimensions and materials to make a correct closting loop for this system. 

from my research so far I have learned it is made from red type II gutted and sewn to a piece of type VI being 2 3/4 inches in length.

if anyone can post pictures of this part or even the part number it would help greatly

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Go to this face book group.  join. search for MIRPS loops and scroll down three or four and you'll find someone selling the loops for $10 each in package.  Tried to copy and paste link and couldn't make it work.  Maybe because private group.

Just saw them last night.

Round Canopy Parachute  / Military Freefall Parachute /Sale/Wanted/Rigging

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