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Are there any conerns or problems with the mars2AAD?

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16 hours ago, sfzombie said:

 they may have the safest product out there and the best recall system in the event of faulty equipment,

Again, where does this come from? How are they the safest? What is the judging metric for determining the safest? I am pretty sure most people who says Cypress is the safest say that solely because that's what they heard other people say, so 'it must be true.'

I feel like arguing about what brand of AAD is best is equivalent to arguing about what brand of automotive seat belt is the best. They all do the same thing so you mind as well get whatever is cheapest.

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On 11/26/2019 at 5:09 PM, sfzombie said:

considering how many times i have heard about a cypres firing when it wasn't supposed to i would hesitate to call it 0 errors.  i understand they changed things to reduce them but i seem to recall they still happen, not sure about that though.

I see you might have been responding to my post. I was giving a hypothetical example of Cypres vs. Mars based on recent years and wasn't talking about prior issues that have been resolved.

For example, some old issues for the Cypres that I can think of, in case this helps:

RF & static interference early 1990s when it was the only electronic AAD (yet Vigil had its own static electricity issues when introduced later), firing when it was supposed to but on a swoop at a time Airtec arrogantly dismissed the idea of it happening (2005), defective sensor & 2 misfires (~2008),  supplier changed a component that led to certain units becoming unresponsive after going thru the startup cycle and showing ready to jump (~2013).

Do you have any good examples of unintended firings? It is an area where we unfortunately don't have any sort of database but most people are going only on individual memory and published bulletins.

And of course there's from time to time some up and coming swooper who manages to fire their AAD before realizing they need the extreme swoop mode instead. (Eg, wasn't there a swoop M2 firing recently on some other thread?)

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On 11/28/2019 at 7:58 AM, pchapman said:

I see you might have been responding to my post.

not really.  as i said earlier, all of my information was recalled from over the years.  when i began jumping in '98, we were using fxc's in student gear and the cypres was relatively new.  there were issues that they had fixed and some that had not been addressed yet.  it had been mentioned that there was a 10 errors from one unit and i mentioned that was not the case.  weather the issue had been corrected or not does not negate the fact that it has happened.  yes my information is old and yes they have corrected the issues.  no there is not a 0 incidence of misfires (firing when not supposed to or not firing when it was).  i much prefer to err on the side of safety, so even though firing when not supposed to is dangerous, not firing when supposed to is worse.  i have NOT heard of that happening, ever. 

sorry about the other account, i had a second when when i got locked out of the first (this one) years ago and was using it for email. 

and to gowlerk, i was not posting anything i was unsure about as it happened.  yes they are all three great, yes they are all dependable, but no, they are not foolproof and are subject to fail at any time with no warning whatsoever, just like anything manufactured or electronic (even though they are pressure operated, there are electronics inside, hence the batteries).  if one were to read that particular post and choose to think an aad is not safe, well, in a sense, they aren't.  they are well suited as a backup device but ultimately, the canopy pilot is responsible for getting a pilot-able canopy out in time to fly it safely to the ground, including deploying the reserve.  personally, i am not going to use one, but not because they are unsafe or of any issues i have heard about regarding them.



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