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Fluidwings announced new canopy couple days ago. WairWolf. It took place between AirWolf and HKT in Fluidwings lineup. It is not minor modification of AirWolf, it is NEW wing, based on AW.

New features:

- Improved opening performance
- New planform shaping
- Steeper line trim
- 5% reduction in line drag
- All FT30 construction for a more rigid wing and less distortion
- Increased roll rate and overall more harness response
- Steeper longer rollouts with more power
- new FT 30 fabric colors specifically for this release
- New mini-rib profile


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A beast of a wing from what I'm told by Laz and the test pilots! 

I put my order in on Thursday for a WW79.... SN:20 :)

The AW's (84&79) I've been flying for the last couple years have been amazing! I cannot to fly the WW and see what it brings to the table!!!

*** If anyone has any flysight data and inside/outside vids, please post them***

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10 hours ago, richoH said:

Christ knows if my flysight was still going (I always turn it on, but I flew the WW like 4 days into a boogie). I should definitely have some footage I can dig up.

nice! share some pictures and video please. what size/wl you've got?

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I drove down to DeLand last week to get some time under the WW84 since it's not really part of the demo program (yet?), and got 14 jumps in. I Absolutely loved it!!! 

Scott took my order as I was packing in between jumps!  SN # 28! Waiting 10-11 weeks is only less painful cause it's so damn cold in MD now! 

I was flying @ 2.86 WL, and it seemed to really shine!  I was floored by the range of the wing.  For a wing that's trimmed steeper for XRW, you can get it pretty flat in brakes and ride back a long spot.  The Full FT30 is awesome, easy stand up landings at 2.86. 

Harness response is PERFECT, I had thought the AW was a bit too de-tuned for my taste, the VK had a lot of harness response, but didn't feel as connected to the wing (almost twitchy), the WW just feels like an extension of myself!  I've never felt so connected to a wing in such a great way!  Roll response was definitely up a couple notches too from the AW, spot on, easy to flick, and easy to slow your roll and stretch out that dive.  

I was able to up my TMA by ~125 feet from AW and keep it in a dive longer, (270's from 825 ft @ DeLand, so basically sea level, YMMV at other altitudes & WL's).  I really loved the longer roll out, so much easier to keep in a dive and adjust it with minor harness inputs than the AW was.

Just a tiny bit of brakes and I was easily flocking with a buddy on a Helix @ 2.4 WL.


And lastly, If you plan to use the WW for XRW, a fun tidbit: my Dekunu recorded the canopy flight as wingsuit freefall time!! 







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