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Have Skydiving patches I need help ID'ing

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I have three old skydiving patches I need help ID'ing Do not have any pics yet but will try if need.

1.  Round 4 inch patch. NORTHWEST SPORT PARACHUTE CLUB in black on outer gold border . White and red gores on round canopy. Black skydiver and lines. Green ground black X for target. Purple mountains with snow peaks.

2.  Round 5 in. patch. Small gold outer border. White and red canopy. Black jumper in freefall. Red banner with gold PARANAUTS.

3.  Arrow shaped 3 in. patch. White banner on top with black PARA-NAUGHTS SKY DIVING CLUB. White and red gores on round canopy white lines. Gold feathered wings with red white and blue shield.

Any info on drop zone era etc on these patches would be appreciated. Thanks      Joe Wachs   D-4671



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