Tonfly 2x top mount - best quick-swap / easily removable solution?

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Hey guys, I recently picked up a used new variant (i.e. rectangular flat top section rather than circular / oval one) Tonfly 2x. There's nothing on the mini-flat top at the moment, and I'd like to install some kind of quick-swap / removable mount on it, with the mounting process staying limited to simple drilling (which eliminated the TF-Pro mount, since that requires a section to be cut out of the helmet). Does anybody have any recommendations? The Cookie Flatlock (single, not double) looks good, but I'm worried it's too big for the mounting area. The Schumacher Quick Shoe also looks like a possibility, but the swappable mount plate only comes with a single center screw hole - I assume it's easily drillable for other positions as well? Anybody have any experience with that? X-shut is a possibility too, though that would stick up / out a little bit more than I'd like if I stick to the "just drilling" mounting. If anybody has any advice about any of those systems, particularly in conjunction with a rectangular-top 2x, I'd be quite happy to hear it. I'm open to other suggestions as well. Thanks, and blue skies!

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