Dzs in Mexico (and central/south America in general)

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Hi. As I'm cycling down from Canada to Argentina my objective is to jump in each of the Continental countries.

I'm licensed by USPA (a) but my membership is expired, and I see no particular reason to pay them unless I really have to. That is, if most dzs south of the US are USPA ones. 

Anyhow, I'd like to get reccomandations on places who accept fun jumpers in Mexico at the moment, anywhere south of cdmx. Playa is a tandem establishment and Puerto Escondido has yet to answer, so I hope the community will have more information.

Plus, if you're a dzo somewhere between Antarctica and Mexico and would like to invite me for a jump, I will not oppose :)

ive been cycling for over a year and skydiving is an expensive luxury. No social media though, that is not an exchange offer, just courtesy.B|



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Puerto Escondido does an Xmas boogie. I think it's run by Skydive Cuautla so you might be best off contacting them. There seemed to be a bunch of Peruvian jumpers there when I was jumping so they might be able to help you with that.

I heard things about a small club in Guatemala but didn't find anything myself there or Honduras, Nicaragua or El Salvador.

There's meant to be plenty of jumping in Colombia so that shouldn't be hard.

In Bolivia they run a very small skydive operation out of El Trompillo Airport in Santa Cruz. I spent about a week waiting for the weather in Feb a few years ago but never got to jump. I'm afraid I don't have any contacts but if you ask around at the airport you might get somewhere.

In my experience USPA membership will not be checked very thoroughly. Similarly insurance. I think you can usually get away with few photocopied pages of your logbook (but definitely check if you can!)

Good luck with your journey!

(And I'm still looking for places to jump in Argentina if you hear anything).

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There is a DZ in Panama at the Chame airport right beside the Pan American highway. P3 Skydive Panama.  They do a lot of jumping on the beach but with just an A you may have to jump on the airport. You can find them on FB. 

Stay safe riding! 

Blue skies,


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