Skydiving Tips/Sugesstions for First Jump

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My name is Will and I'm from Australia and am a first time sky-diver. I just have a few questions. 

How best should I prepare for my first jump? What sort of clothing, footwear should I wear? Are there any tips/suggestions for preparation?

Also, a burning question of mine...… what are people's opinions on the best places in Australia and the world to skydive?

Thank everyone for your time. Looking forward to being part of the skydiving community!



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What kind of jump are you doing? 

Tandem?  Not much preparation needed. If you intend to learn to skydive be sure to tell your instructor that you want to learn not just go for a ride.

AFF? You can find first jump materials on USPA's website (probably on the APF website as well). Reading that before your first jump course might be helpful. Not a requirement though.

Either way,  wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.  And a smile.

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Comfortable clothing, appropriate to the weather. I usually wear jeans under my jumpsuit. Shorts also work. Lots of ladies wear yoga pants. T-shirt or sweatshirt on top. Avoid collars, hoods or strings. Sneakers (trainers) are typical. Students should wear closed toe shoes, even though there are experienced jumpers who wear sandals or even go barefoot. Make sure you don't wear shoes with hooks (hiking boots usually have them). They are considered a snag hazard.

Try to get a good night's sleep the night before (good luck with that). Stay fed & hydrated. Don't eat a huge, heavy meal, but make sure you eat. 

Pay attention to the instructors and make sure you understand. If you don't understand something, ask. Do NOT, under any circumstances say "but they said on Dropzone Dot Com..." Don't pay a whole lot of attention to what you read on here. You don't have the understanding to know what is good advice and what is crap (and there's a lot of crap on here). 

As Skybytch noted, there are a lot of training differences between Tandem, AFF & static line jumping. But the above applies to all of them.

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