Wingsuit-specific boogies/skills camps?

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There is stuff like March of the Penguins or Fin Flock in Europe which are WS specific.  The bigger US boogies often have good organizers.  I know the Big-O boogie had a really good list of WS organizers this past year.  Next Level is run by the guys at Squirrel and has some camps throughout the year.  I know at Perris there are a number of WS coaches hanging out in the fall/winter if you want some time coaching or people to fly with.

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Wingsuit camp in Morocco for the first two weeks of 2020 :)


Or you can go further in Africa, to Senegal, one week later


And then head to the French Alps in February, if you're not afraid of the cold


Another one I know of is this one, end of May in France


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