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Container Harness Sizing Importance

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I''d like to know which harness measurements are most important & which you can "ballpark" match to your measured body specs. 

I can't find a used container for sale that's harness directly matches all my body measurements, so can someone tell me which of these are most important on this weighted list (i.e. height, inseam, chest, waist, thigh, & torso).?

  -  I took all these measurements based off the Vector Measuring Guide:


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The most important parts of the harness that need to fit correctly are the main lift web (MLW) and the laterals as changing their sizing is a pretty major undertaking that must be done by a rigger.  Leg straps and chest straps can be lengthened/shortened much easier, again by a rigger.

To get a rough idea of the MLW length that will fit you best, take your height (in inches), subtract your inseam (in inches) then subtract 20.  Example - I'm 68" tall and have a 33" inseam. 68-33-20 = 15.  So a 15" MLW should fit me well (and it does).   Before buying anything, it's a good idea to try on one or two containers that have the MLW you figured out and see how that length fits. Ask around at the dz, someone will have one and let you try it on. 

AFAIK, there is no handy formula to figure out lateral length.  If the owner is of a similar body size/shape as you the laterals will likely fit fine.



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