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Jumping with a board or small banner


Hey all! 

I will be getting an A llicence this weekwnd. I'm thinking to do a proposal video to my girl who lives in a different country by jumping with a board  with something written on it (probably with holes to reduce wind resistance) . After how many jumps I'm allowed to jump like that with some board in  hand. I do understand the safety concerns. I'm not an expert in this field so instead of judging please enlighten me with your sensible views on this!!  I would set little higher pull altitude If I do this.

Thanks ! 

blue skies!


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There is no specific jump number for this type of stuff. My advice: discuss it with the instructors at your home DZ, and find a demo jumper that has experience jumping with extra stuff. Any jump-specific advice (like higher pull altitude, things to keep in mind, etc) are highly dependent on details like your actual experience, the exact way you want to do this, how you're going to make and hold the banner, etc...

Generic things to think about and discuss with said instructors and experienced demo jumpers would be: How to hold it in freefall while maintaining stability (restricted use of arms)? How to handle it during deployment? What happens if you do lose it? How do you exit properly with it (also depends on airplane type)? And probably a couple other things I'm forgetting here.

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