AFF vs Wind tunnel Arch

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Hi, I have done 3 jumps out of plane. My arching wasn't worst but needed more improvements for stability. 

So I have book AFF wind tunnel, and they have tough me to arch differently. 

DZ tells me to keep hands wide apart, bent in elbows at 90 degrees. 


Wind tunnel tells me to keep my hands closer, slightly bent and relaxed. 


I find my self more relaxed and stable in wind tunnel position.

So which tip should I do on my next jump?


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i tried learning to fly on my own through static line course years ago and never did learn until i went to the tunnel this year.  if you are doing aff, listen to your instructors rather than random people on the internet like me.  having said that, when your instructors let go, they want you to fly flat and stable.  ask them before you jump if you can try what you learned in the tunnel, and go through it on the ground first with them.  again, don't listen to anything anyone has to say here or anywhere else without asking your instructors.  oh, before i forget, did i mention to not listen to anyone but your instructors?  kind of important at your stage.

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