Moving to southern Illinois

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I'm moving from  California to southern Illinois. Be closer to family. Family  been wanting me to for years. Now I want to. Haven't skydived in yrs. 557 logged. It's a big deal to me and will be good thing. Getting older, closer to family and broaden my horizons is what keeps positive. 

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Lived just outside St. Louis for a few years and occasionally go back to see friends and family.  Lots of DZs in this area, but only a few that cater to fun-jumpers. 

Festus (just south of STL) and Gateway (Greenville, IL.) are both "tandem only" at the present time.  My fingers are crossed...

The Flying V ranch in Missouri caters to tandems mostly, but they accept fun jumpers.  Bring a friend if you go here or you'll be jumping alone.  Their jump plane is a rocket that will have you to 13K in a few minutes.  You can buy tickets up to 17K too!  The DZ, however, is the size of a postage stamp with obstacles on the DZ itself and no outs.  You'll want to shore-up your landings before going out here.

SEMO and Taylorville regularly host fun jumpers, provide training programs, and are your best options.



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