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How many active skydivers are there in the world?

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Just renewed my USPA registration and the letter said there were 40,000 member in USPA who thanked me. I would guess 35,000 of them are active. Dropzone.com lists the dropzones in the world (minus the US) as 1061. The US is listed at 343. The ratio there is 3.09:1. So I would guess 108K. 

And as they say in the 25 Spanish dropzones listed, Quien sabe?

Definitely, YMMV

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On 9/3/2019 at 5:59 PM, B3nj0B0ng0 said:

I read somewhere that last year , 3.5 million jumps were made buy around 350,000 skydivers last year. I dont know how accurate this is tho.

If USPA is collecting such metrics from affiliates in the US and around the world, and if one also includes one-jump wonders at tandem mills, then it (the 350,000 figure) does not seem that far off; it might even be conservative.

I've always been curious about the source of those figures (number of skydivers and number of jumps overall per year) because it's often compared to the number of fatalities (~<30) to produce the "It's really safe! In fact, words cannot describe how safe it is!" claims which some espouse. Not here of course, we know the truth: statistically speaking, it's far safer than many activities, but that doesn't mean it's safer - it's just that the risks are well managed.

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