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6 hours ago, Milo said:

I'm a part time jumper.  I have 30 jumps circa 1998-2001 and another 30 jumps circa 2008.

I never got a license.

What would I have to do to jump at your drop zone?

A jumper with no license is called a student. You would need to enter the student program and be assessed from there. 

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Gowlerk is right about where you stand.  You'll need to stop by the closest DZ, talk to the DZO/instructional staff and go from there.  Jumping is a perishable skill. 

Bring any certificates - license proficiency card, AFF grad cert, etc. - and your old log books with you so the staff have the information they need to correctly place you within a training program.

If you own any equipment and haven't jumped it since, you'll certainly want to have it checked out by a good rigger.


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