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Fiji Cloudbreak Boogie is on again!

Need a change of scenery? Want to jump onto a tropical island paradise with your mates?

Running from 16th May 2020, this boogie is going to be EPIC.

  • Super Caravan aircraft
  • Coaching & Load Organizers each day
  • Daytapes/Prizes
  • Resort Accommodation
  • Parties
  • Cocktails by the Pool

Rego Package includes 25x jump tickets. Additional tickets $50 AUD each


APF D License required or international equivalent (NZPIA C, USPA C, or other 200 jump qualification)

For more information, please contact cloudbreakfiji@1300skydive.com.au


Admin/Mod note: event is further than four months in the future, but given it is an international event that requires attendees to plan in advance I hope you can permit this post.




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