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I'm almost certain that there must have been a post about this previously as it's such an obvious thing, but I couldn't find one:

The previous version of DZ.com used to jump straight to the first unread post in a long forum topic with many replies: So if I click on a link in the list of recent posts, for example and it's a thread with 5 pages of replies, of which I had already read all the ones down to half of page 4, the link would take me straight to page 4 and scroll down all the way to the first unread post, half way down the page.

In this version, I am always taken to post 1 on page 1, no matter how often I have been in that thread. Then it's left to me to somehow find my way back to where I was.

Does this version of the forum software you are using not have the capability to identify which posts are new to me? It does seem to mark threads with unread posts in bold, so it seems to know what is new to me, even though that feature seems to be a bit inconsistent--but going straight to the correct post in a thread would make this forum much more usable!

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