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sorry if this has already been covered, i did the most cursory line check....

this video was posted, and its content is probably like a lot of videos y'all have, i know i do....from early days(ahem).

and the more you jump, the more, i've recognized how easy it is to get fucked.

so when i watched this, i winced.... (i've been there, still do, occasionally, having those near misses.)

and billvon posts some feedback, which if you bother to consider it, is totally sensible, however....





this guy is posting it because it was fun.... and well... that's what i like about the transient air to ground phase.

he isn't asking for feedback of safety nature, it's all how gnarly is it that he's lost a shoe.... 



so how do you give feedback that basically says "woah! ffs that was sketchy!" without -


a) insulting and degrading those awesome memories we have of those times when we also "got away with it"


b) educating, and making skydiving safer because we all want to do it longer and not see people that we like die or need a wheelchair assisted vehicle? 



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Think of it as a debrief (of a jump in this case) instead of criticising someone. Don't say "whoa that was shketchy, you are gonna die you @$$hole!!!" but instead say "<<general remark about the jump>>, but have you considered"

- Consider "the eye of the beholder"
Often it's not what "you" intended to write, but what other people read into a given post that sets the tone. Sometimes (especially with sensitive issues) it's a good idea to write up your post, have a coffee break, reread it all trying to take into account the other person's perspective and edit accordingly.

- Sandwich your feedback
No matter how bad the jump, there is always something positive to be found.
Instead of falling into the trap of listing every mistake, focus on a few key points. Start and end with positive remarks, and alternate your criticisms with positive remarks as well. Think 

- don't needlessly repeat after one another.
If what "poster X" has written pretty much covers what you were going to say and you have really nothing new to offer, there is no point in typing that stuff all over again. Just like the post, agree with the poster, or whatever. I'm mostly talking about a post which is made in a thread before the OP has responded to it. If they HAVE responded to it, first read the reaction and adjust your response accordingly.


Most of the above has a high "duh" factor. Yet.....

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   I use a tool I heard on Skydive Radio. Start by asking "How did your jump go?" Then you let that conversation play out naturally. You're just establishing the connection. Once you've both finished talking about how good your skydives were, I usually say something like, "Would you mind if I gave you some feedback on something I noticed?" At this point they're not getting blindsided, and I feel like the people I've talked to have been very receptive. Bonus points points if they turn into a person you get to know, rather than a person you scolded one time. Reinforcing relationships on the dropzone is what builds this community. 

   That's all if you don't really know the person. If you already have a rapport with the person, that should be pretty straightforward. 

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All true, but there's one thing I'm missing so far. Make your feedback actionable. And that isn't easy. It is simple to take out the flamethrower and burn someone to the ground over some mistake they made, but that won't help them for the next time. Good feedback explains both why something is wrong, and how to do it right. And both in such a manner that the other person understands it. Only then can the receiver of your feedback actually improve.

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