I have 12 jumps

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Did a two way with the hubby this weekend.  We completed everything we planned to do. I got to give him a big ol' kiss in freefall (fuck full face helmets).  It was loads of fun. 

Except that I forgot how to arch, so I was sliding all over the place. When he gave me an arch signal, I thought he meant I should go low on him and then come back up. Which I did, still flat as a board. When he turned to track, it took a second for me to register that I needed to turn and track also, even though I had just looked at my alti and knew it was breakoff time. I was laughing at myself as I tracked and pulled. 

And then I completely forgot to pull down on one toggle to collapse the canopy in those kind of winds so I got some great new grass stains on my pants.

My logbook says I have 1200 jumps.  Why do I fly like I have 12?  xD

I know why. Skills are rented. I didn't pay the rent (ie make skydives) for 6 years, so whatever skills I may have had in the past have eroded to the point where it feels like I am learning to skydive all over again. Which is fun in a way, but it's kinda hard to do knowing that I used to be a pretty good recreational skydiver and now I fly like this. And there's nothing like six years out to push the overamp meter way above 10.

Anyone want to chase me around the sky while I relearn how to do this shit? :D 


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I had a very similar experience but with a few more old jumps and several more years in-between time. I figured I better do it now before I physically couldn't

That old "Just like riding a bicycle" saying was very far from my experience, it took me nearly a year and 100 jumps before I started to have any confidence about my flying skills. 

The word is humbled. 

I used to be able to reasonably fly any slot, anytime, out of any plane and I'm still not back there yet. I also had to deal with modernizing my gear and EP's to all the new acronyms, AAD, MARD RSL, Etc.

Welcome back, I daresay you won't regret it, I haven't for one moment. (except for that "packing" thing, it still sucks)

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