Do I need a reline?

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I've been jumping my PD Sabre2 170 sqft (loaded at 1,2) for about 400 jumps now.

I'm doing 50 - 70 jumps per year.

Last year, my rigger suggested a new lineset for this year. Based on the 350 jumps I've done so far.

I'm not really sure, if I really need new lines. The current ones (micro) look quite nice, I've not noticed any change in openings, flight / flare.

And also PD says, that there is no "magic number" when lines should be replaced.


The life expectancy of your lines depends on a number of variables including the type of line, the environment you jump in, your packing method, etc. We have seen a couple of canopies with lines that have been used for over 1200 jumps, but look much better than line sets we have seen with only 200 jumps on them. The variance can be quite dramatic.

There really is no “magic number” for the life span of a line set. Monitor your line set and when you see signs of wear (broken carriers, very fuzzy lines, etc.) replace them. Pay special attention to high abrasion areas such as the steering lines, underneath the link loop where the lines meet your slinks/hard links, and the top of your lines around the slider stops. Also pay careful attention to the opening characteristics of your canopy and be conscious of any changes in performance, as this may indicate the need for a reline.

What do you think?

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With the way you are flying it, it's probable not an issue yet. Conservative designs will still fly nicely even when noticeable out of trim. Most of the shrinkage is in the outer lines and the break lines. It gets towed down at the corners and the breaks start to get short. I would take a good look at the breaks the next time you jump it. They should bow behind the canopy and not pull the tail down at all in full flight. If it's getting tight I'd replace the middle break line to restore the length and call it good. $20 better then $200.



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I jump a Sabre2 170 at a wingload of 1.3.

I replaced the lines at 650 jumps. Not because they were worn: the lines were still in very good condition. Seems they could have lasted until 1000 jumps or more.
I replaced them because the trim was way off: the outer lines had shrunk by as much as 6 inches.
The canopy was still opening, flying and flaring fine, no strange behaviour, but flying characteristics were noticably different after 150~200 jumps. It was getting more difficult to fly on the front risers, after struggling with that for the last few hundred jumps I finally got fed up with that. 

After relining the changes were not dramatic, but I feel the canopy is flying 'cleaner'. I chose Vectran, it won't last as long as Spectra, but at least the trim will not change much.

What Lee says about the brake lines is a good point: I had mine replaced early on as they had shrunk by about a foot...

You say you didn't notice "any change in openings, flight / flare". Maybe because the changes are gradual and, with your jump numbers, spread out over many years? 
Anyway, if the lines are still good and you're happy with the way it's flying now, it doesn't really seem necessary to replace the lines? I guess best thing would be to ask a rigger for a second opinion.

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Why did the rigger suggest new lines? Very fuzzy lines?  Wear at a specific point? (eg, at the soft links)  Or some particular trim measurement? (eg, "Wow, the outer A's are already shrunk nearly 3 inches!")
In skydiving we don't have any strict Go / No Go rules on these sorts of things, so there's a lot of room for different opinions.

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