Bigger Better Byron Boogie - Bay Area Skydiving, Byron CA USA, 19-21 Jul 2019

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Ian Durrel:
Ian has over 3,000 skydives and has been in the sport almost 8 years now. With hundreds of hours as a tunnel instructor this "Captain of Mayhem" is sure to organize some next level skydives! His jumps will cover all ranges of flying from freeflying to angle jumps. Ian has been on the west coast for a few years now so this shredder is no stranger to the California lyfestyle. His favorite food rhymes with LUCY and says he doesn't like wiener flavored popsicles! ;)

Becky Jose:
Becky has been in the sport almost 20 years with over 3,000 skydives and has been apart of 3 world records! She's got time in the tunnel but "has more time in Ian's mom" She will be organizing fun jumps extreme so whatever fits your flavor from beginner belly to advanced freefly! Her Home DZ is all the way out in North Dakota at Skydive Fargo so she's practically a Canadian, dontchya know!? Her Favorite food is free food..... and cheesecake (ask for cheesecake criteria list) She's one classy B!t$h so come shred the skys with this BA chica!

Mad John:
Mad John has been in the sport 39 years! With almost 13,000 skydives he is known for his awesome belly formation skydives and being an outright legend in our sport! He's been apart of 6 world records and doesn't plan on stopping there. His favorite food is.....well, anything paired with red wine ;) Over those 39 years he's managed to make some pretty awesome friends including the MUFF BROTHERS, Freak brothers, Cunning linguists (ask him about them if your up for the challenge) Team Cypress, Team Advil, freefowl, and JOS. He will be around all weekend organizing anything from beginner to advanced belly jumps! So come "get down" with this legend of legends!

Chris Geiler:
Chris has over 4700 skydives, 2600 of those are in a wingsuit! He has been in the sport for 9 years and has all sorts of medals including, 2016 World Champion, 2017 World Cup Champion, 2018 World Championship silver medalist, 2 time U.S National Champion! He is a current "Next Level" Instructor and Squirrel Coach examiner as well! Chris will be organizing fun formations for all suit sizes and putting together some more challenging dive flows for highly experienced pilots. His home DZ is Lodi and he loves any food of the SPICY variety. Come get your wings flappin with this rad flyer!

Karen Bodin and Jeff Bodin:
These 2 awesome organizers come as a next level duo! Jeff has almost 2,000 skydives and Karen is not far behind with over 1,200. They have both been a part of world records and have plenty of tunnel time so they are ready to shred it up with all of you at the Boogie! They will be organizing bigger way skydives for the intermediate to advanced flyers. These 2 love birds got married in the sky so they are used to bringing AND drawing a crowd in our giant playground! Bring your Big Boy (or Big Way) pants, and come get organized ;)


Well, I'm glad you asked! This years party we will be catering sushi for our Saturday night dinner! 2 of our very own Japanese tandem instructors are also very talented and well trained sushi chefs. They will be providing some of the freshest fish around with a variety of rolls and nigiri cuts AND even a veggie option for all you non meat eaters! We've got Salmon, Tuna, Crab, Shrimp on the menu.Surely you don't want to miss out on this feast of the year! Be sure to register your food option on the registration form and bring your chopsticks!


Thrown-Out Bones
Whether it be improvising songs, crowd-surfing, or pulling audience members on stage to sing along, Thrown-Out Bones is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to perform. Their classic style flirts with a seductive and gritty tone driven by powerhouse leading lady Liliana Urbain all from throne of her drum kit.

Come for a mix of rocking originals and your favorites from Queen to Johnny Cash to Green Day and stay for the opportunity to have your very own song written about you on the fly. Oh, and beer! Beer is always a big plus.


Aircraft 1
We will have our SUPER awesome caravan running 18 min Turns all weekend

as well as....

***Updated 6.22.19***
Aircraft 2
Blackhawk Caravan (18 seat)!!!
Due to a resent and substantial price increase we have decided not use the Twin Otter for this boogie.
Thanks to our friends up north and a shout out to Keri Bell and company!!! We will be flying their Blackhawk Caravan AND enjoying 12 to 14 min turns (72 Slots an hour)


We've got some special giveaways this year for our raffle prizes! Including a ride in an acrobatic aircraft, discounted gear, and some awesome swag to keep you falling in style!

We've got all sorts of awesome sponsors for the event and here is the list is as follows for now....,

BirdMonkey Rigging
Pete Maverick - Fallrush
Freefall Data Systems
Sky Stoked
SAFEISH Clothing
Die Epic
MarS m2 AAD Ukraine
George Gallegos
Kiss Helmet
Vertical Suits
PD Factory Team
Cookie Helmets
CAOS Suits Ireland
Anthony TJ Landgren
Mad Johnhn
Firebird Skydiving
Merit aka Sigma
Tapped Apple Cider
Augusto Bartelle (Colorful Jerseys)
Skydive Wings
Vigil AAD

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