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Heli tandems - seeking info

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On 6/26/2019 at 9:40 PM, J-Mad said:

I'm going to be operating from a heli soon and I'm looking for advice or resources on procedures and technique.

I believe it will be an A350

Anyone got anything?


I have done a few tandems out of Jet Rangers and an Alouette 3. I have also skydived solo from Chinook, A Star and Huey.

Start by asking the pilot to reverse the co-pilot’s seat (left side, front). Seat tandems as normal and fasten seatbelts. Belts work best with original seats installed. Above 4,000’ start your normal hook-up procedure. Slide the left door open a minute or so before exit. Slide your butts towards the door. Tell the student to cross their arms on their chest and try to kick you in the butt. Push off gently and wait until 4 seconds after exit before tossing frigid.

Yes, you might be tempted to ask the pilot to hover as you exit, but he/she will burn far less fuel (and be able to fly higher) if he/she maintains at least 40 knots.

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I jumped close to 1000 jumps from A-350. It is a little bit squeezy: the left front seat was removed. Aircraft that we used where not fitted with a sliding door. So, the left side door was removed at the beginning of every jumping day. Two tandem pares were sitting on the rear seat. Passenger harness was secured by a seat belt. The trick was to put a passenger on my lap for hook up procedure when you exit first (you are sitting next to the open door). I experimented with side connectors but that did not work. Finally, I just hugged my passenger with my left hand and did not wast my time in hooking the passenger right side connector. The exit was not a problem. I learned to step with my left foot on the landing rail (I am 1.8 m (6 feet) tall). Passenger was hanging on me. The exit was nice and easy. TI's that were shorter as me jumped from the door edge. 

The chopper itself is very fast in climb and descent. Have nice and easy operation!    

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